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Name of the organisation: Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA)
Country: United Kingdom
Number of members: 111 internal drainage boards, 13 regional flood and coastal committees, 3 national flood management authorities, municipalities and corporations
Stakeholders in board: Landowners and tenants, municipalities.
Tasks: Water level management, flood risk management, irrigation, water and environmental quality and drainage channel and asset maintenance.
Financing: Local taxation, levies on municipalities, government and EU grants, partnership contributions

ADA was established in 1937 to watch over and support the interests of drainage authorities at national and parliamentary level, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussions, and disseminating information of common interest. ADA now has around 230 members, representing all forms of water level management authorities from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was a prime player in the formation, and a founder member of, the European Flood Control and Water Level Management Associations.

ADA itself is a company operating under limited guarantee, with a Board of Directors. Internal Drainage Boards operate under Act of Parliament to provide a flood risk management and water level management service. Their main interests lie in low-lying land areas, often at or below sea-level. IDBs depend on close working relations with other flood risk management authorities, including the Environment Agency, which concentrates on the management of main rivers, sea and tidal defences, and local authorities, which manage all other watercourses, surface and groundwater.

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