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Dutch national flag

The Netherlands

Name of the organisation: Dutch Water Authorities (Unie van Waterschappen)
Country: The Netherlands
Number of members: 21 regional water authorities
Stakeholders in board: Landowners, industrial property owners, residents
Tasks: Water quantity, flood defence, water quality, wastewater treatment, maintenance
Financing: Taxes, fees, government subsidies

Unie van Waterschappen, internationally known as Dutch Water Authorities, is an international organisation comprising 22 regional water authorities in the Netherlands and their umbrella association, the Unie van Waterschappen. It promotes the interests of the regional water authorities at national and international level and shares a European office in Brussels with Vewin, the Dutch association of drinking water companies.

Local and regional water management in the Netherlands is largely the responsibility of regional water authorities, which are decentralised and financially self-sufficient public authorities. Regional water authorities are legally embedded in the overall democratic structure of the Netherlands.

Website Unie van Waterschappen (Dutch Water Authorities)